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Keep Your New Deck Odor-Free

Posted on: September 16, 2020

There’s nothing quite like a new deck for your home. One day you have no beautiful, usable outdoor space, and the next (figuratively), you have a brand new place to sit, relax, socialize, and take in the view. Something, though, that can spoil your enjoyment of your new deck is having to deal with foul odors. Below are some odor culprits and what to do about them in some tips provided by a great deck builder in Glen Burnie.

What Are Some Common Odor Culprits That Affect A New Deck?


Food odors stick around and seep into the deck as well. This could mean BBQ and other pungent foods cooked on or around the new deck.

Mildew and Mold

Not only do mildew and mold affect your health, but they also create an unpleasant odor that you don’t want on or under your deck.


Since the new deck is a new area for your pets also, they may explore and leave their “unique” odors behind if they spend a lot of time lying around on the deck’s surface.


If you’re a smoker, then the smoke from your cigarette or cigar can seep into the wood decking, whether or not the wood is real or composite.

Wild Animals

Skunks, squirrels, and many other common backyard pests can spoil your deck by exploring it when you aren’t around and leaving their unpleasant scent behind.

What Can You Do?

Change Habits

To avoid smoke from cigarettes, clean up cigarette and cigar butts. As for cooking BBQ, create a specific area in the yard where the scent won’t affect your new deck.

Animals and Mold

Make sure your pets do their business in the yard instead of on your new deck. As for other animals, keep bird feeders away from the deck, so you don’t have to deal with squirrels leaving their scent. Mold may require more drastic action.


A spray solution of vinegar and water is enough to remove spots, as well as mildew or mold. For larger issues, you may need a power washer or garden hose.

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