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Outdoor LED Lighting

Posted on: May 20, 2016

If you are creating an outdoor entertaining space or you are looking to turn your current space into a night time oasis, outdoor LED landscape lighting can be the perfect addition.

Well-planned LED lighting allows you the chance to enjoy your outdoor spaces, even after the sun goes down, turning your outdoor space into a 24-hour entertaining zone.

The fact is with some great LED outdoor lighting, you can turn your backyard into an additional room, turning it into an extension of your home.

How to Use LED Lights for Your Outdoor Spaces

LED’s won’t give you a whole lot of light, but they are great for mood lighting. They are mainly used for style, design and effect and can turn your backyard into a space that is buzzing with ambiance.

Have you thought about:

  • LED Ribbon Lighting – LED ribbon lighting can be used as steps and fence lights to highlight your space. They are also great when it comes to creating safe spaces in your yard, no more tripping up the steps at night.
  • Under Counter or Seating LED’s – LED lights that are placed underneath seating or underneath your outdoor kitchen countertops can provide ambient lighting. This is a great way to welcome people into certain spaces in your yard.
  • Security Lighting with Some Pizzazz – LED lights placed under your home’s gutters will not only light up your home, keeping trouble away but they can also add curb appeal.
  • Color Changing LED’s – If you love to party and have friends over, color changing LED’s can showcase areas of your outdoor space. Try placing these color changing lights by a pool, fountain or even large potted plants.
  • Path Lighting – If you have paths throughout your yard, spotlight LED’s can help light the way. This can be great for both looks and safety purposes.
  • LED Rail Lighting – If you have a beautiful fence around your deck or yard, consider using LED rail lighting. LED rail lighting can provide a good amount of line while making the boundaries in your yard stand out.

LED lighting can be a great addition to any outdoor space, whether you are looking to make your yard safer or you are looking to make areas in your yard stand out.

If you are looking for LED lighting for your outdoor spaces the team at Diamond Decks can help. We offer design and installation services to improve your outdoor spaces throughout Maryland.

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