Cable Deck Railings

If you have, or expect to have, a deck or porch from which a severely obstructed view would diminish the beauty of your vantage point, you must consider installing cable deck railings. These systems are most advantageous when the point of view is elevated and seeing the entire vista while sitting is desired. Vertical or horizontal cables become “invisible” to the eye as you scan the horizon, not possible with obstructive materials like wooden or metal railings.

Advantages of Cable Deck Railings

There are more pros than cons when it comes to installing a cable deck railing, including:

  • Cable railings offer maximum strength with minimal view obstruction and impart a clean, unencumbered look.
  • Safety glass facings can also offer an unobstructed view. But it should be noted that these can be truly injurious to birds that may attempt to pass through.
  • Cable railings permit air and light, thus eliminating the “boxed in” feeling of enclosed decking.
  • Properly installed cable railings are versatile and the style can be adapted to fit any home design. Cable deck railings add value to your home by improving the appearance of the deck or porch while providing a more panoramic view.
  • Low maintenance: no time-consuming sanding, painting or staining.
  • No warping or rusting as with wood and other metal railing systems.

Installing Cable Deck Railings

Cable deck railings are easy and quick to install. Matching your cable, brushed, or polished stainless steel, with your choice of materials for posts and top rails will be your first decision—don’t worry, the deck design experts at Diamond Decks can help you choose!

During construction, the stainless steel cables are stretched through posts made of various materials, usually aluminum, wood or composite. The cabling can be either horizontal or vertical. The posts, top rails, bottom rails and handrails must be sufficiently strong to withstand the tension of the cables and properly spaced (<4 inches apart) to provide maximum safety and to meet building codes.  Specially designed fittings ensure a secure and taut construction. Metal cables can stretch over time and can be easily adjusted to maintain the integrity of the railing.

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Besides providing a notable improvement to viewing the vista from your deck, cable railings are easy to install, maintain and will add value to your home. Before investing in more traditional wooden and metal deck railings that can detract from your view, check out clean and durable stainless cable deck railings. Contact Diamond Decks today for a free estimate on deck construction in Maryland.