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Deck Cleaning in Maryland

Many homeowners choose wood decks for their beauty and natural appearance, which often blends in wonderfully with the Maryland’s lush landscape. And with regular cleaning and maintenance, wood decks can last for many, many years.

If you’re interested in having a custom wood deck built by Diamond Decks, contact us to learn more or read about our custom decks and our design process.

Sealing a Wood Deck

Virtually all deck wood these days is built with pressure-treated lumber. It’s often hard to know how long a cord of wood has spent sitting out in a lumber yard, being exposed to the elements. At Diamond Decks, we choose only the highest quality wood—number-one select Southern yellow pine. To maintain the pine’s natural beauty, we recommend that all of our customers have their deck sealed within 45 days of being installed.

Most deck sealants contain a UV protectant that will prevent your wood deck from losing color due to sun exposure. And the layer of sealant prevents water from collecting on and seeping into the wood.

But with regular and professional maintenance, your deck can last for many, many years to come, especially if it’s built by the professionals at Diamond Decks.

Cleaning a Wood Deck

Every spring, the “weekend warriors” inevitably head to their local hardware store to rent a power washer to clean their deck. Not knowing any better, they attach the smallest nozzle head, crank up the pressure, and get to work. The boards on their wood deck immediately turn lighter, confirming their belief that they’re cleaning the deck.

Unfortunately, most often these homeowners are inadvertently damaging their decks. Power-washing a wood deck is difficult to do without damaging the surface of the deck or even removing the first layer of wood entirely. While it may look like you’re cleaning the deck, you’re really just ripping off the outside of the deck boards and leaving the inner wood exposed to the elements.

This can leave your day with a “fuzzy” appearance in the short term, and down the line can accelerate the degradation of your deck. For these reasons, it’s important to either wash your deck by hand using a mild detergent, or hire a professional to clean it for you. At Diamond Decks, cleaning is a service we offer exclusively to our customers.

Diamond Decks One-Year Check-up

Our decks are second to none, and we’re confident in the quality and durability of the decks we design and build. To ensure their long life, as well as your enjoyment of them, we now offer a one-year “deck check-up” program for all decks purchased in 2014 and beyond.

This means that one year after we build your deck, we’ll come out to inspect your deck free of charge and ensure it’s in the tip-top shape it started in a year before. We’ve leave you with a signed, completed checklist of all the points we went over. And while we’re there, we’ll clean it for you!

Meet Dave, Our Deck Maintenance Guru

Dave is the Diamond Decks maintenance guru, responsible for providing maintainence, cleaning, and sealing exclusively to Diamond Decks customers. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry and used to run his own company called Deck Doctor.

Dave is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to decks, and has years of experience and research under his belt. He can look at any deck and tell you exactly which cleaners, and sealants will work best—and which won’t!

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We’ve made a name for ourselves in the Maryland area providing high-quality decks, patios, screen enclosures, hardscapes, and so much more. Diamond Decks boasts not only masterful construction but also great customer service. We can also provide design or redesign services for your deck, patio, or hardscape.

We use only top-quality products by manufacturers like Fiberon®, AZEK®, TREX®, and TimberTech® because our experience has taught us that these materials make for the highest-quality and longest-lasting decks and patios.

If you’re interested in learning more or just inquiring about your options, contact Diamond Decks today!

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  • "My wife and I are very pleased with our recent experience with Diamond Decks. Our interaction with everyone from the company was great from the schedulers on the phone to the men who did the work. William remained in close communication with us until the job was completed and we were satisfied. The deck itself is beautiful and of excellent quality. We will be recommending Diamond Decks to everyone we know. -Kev Mitchell, Piney Orchard, MD"
    Customer: Kevin and Winnie
    Address: Odenton, Maryland
    Date: 07/18/2017
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