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There are many good reasons for putting a deck on your home. A deck can give you and your guests an excellent place to gather and enjoy the outdoors. It can increase the curb appeal of your home, and even its value. A deck is not a simple project, though. Before you get started, you should learn exactly what deck construction involves from the best deck professionals in Fulton MD so you can get a good understanding of the process and what will happen when the pros get to work.

Checking the Code, Designing the Deck, and Getting Permits

The first thing needed is a review of local building codes to find out what regulations govern deck construction. This may set limits on where you put it, how big it is, and more. You then need to have the deck designed, once you know what the regulations allow. This includes deciding what kind of materials to use, such as wood or composite, and whether to make it a free-standing deck or attach it to your house. Then you need to get a building permit once you have the design. Read on to hear more about what to expect when professional contractors get to work on a new deck project.

Prepping the Site

Outline the deck shape with string and stakes. Remove the grass and other plants from the deck area. Mark the footing post locations.

Installing the Ledger

If your deck is going to be attached to your house, you need to remove the siding where it attaches, install waterproof flashing, and then attach the ledger board, which is what the rest of the deck will attach to.

Installing the Posts

Dig the post holes and fill them with concrete and insert the posts. It is critically important to get the posts perfectly plumb. After the concrete sets, cut the posts off to the proper height.

Installing the Support Beams and Joists

The support beams are next, attached to the tops of the posts. Then joists need to be attached to the ledger board and the support beams.

Installing the Decking

Then, the decking boards are nailed or screwed into the joists. If you don’t want visible screw or nail heads, you will need to use a bracket system.

Taking the Final Steps

Finally, you need to build a set of stairs, put in a railing, and then stain and seal everything. If you want a lighted deck, you will also need to safely install lighting.

How Can Deck Professionals in Fulton MD Help?

Deckbuilding is a big, involved project. As such, you should call Diamond Decks, the best deck builders in Fulton, to do it for you.

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