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Though a deck is one ideal spot for enjoying the hot summers and entertainment, a screened-in porch can provide some relief during scorching summers. There are various ways you can turn your porch into an inviting, cozy, and usable space by having a deck builder in Laurel MD help you build a screened-in porch.

Screen Porches Boost Summer Relaxation

Screened-in porches are becoming trendy because they can be used as a sunroom, kitchen, dining room, mudroom, relaxation room, or even entertaining space, depending on the owner. Additionally, screened-in porches are great for most all seasons. But during summer in particular, they allow you to enjoy the warm weather, host gatherings, and spend time with friends and family while being mostly outdoors. Continue reading to find out the benefits of screened-in porches and ideas.

Benefits of Screened In Porches

  • Keeping Bugs Away on Summer Nights
    When the heat becomes unbearable, most individuals prefer to enjoy their night at the deck. However, bugs may become irritating when out on the deck, sending people running back indoors. With a screen porch, you can enjoy your summer evenings peacefully without the bugs bothering you. You will also be able to enjoy your dining outside without annoying interruption.
  • Extending Your Living Space
    Your screen porch can act as an extension for your kitchen or living room and not a totally isolated space. This gives your home both a connected design and more usable space than ever before.
  • Enhances Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Value
    When it comes to curb appeal, screened porches add value to homes. When you are selling your house, a screened in porch will give you an advantage, and prospective buyers or renters will factor that in to their decision.

Add-Ons with a New Porch Build

  • Fireplace
    Outdoor fireplaces are tremendously popular in many homes in Maryland. You can transform your screened in porch by adding an outdoor fireplace to offer ambiance and ensure your outdoor living space can even be used throughout the year. An outdoor fireplace will not only add more living opportunities but invites conversations while creating a cheerful mood as no other amenity can.
  • Pillows
    You can add large cushions to make your patio cozy, because the furniture on the porch may not always be as comfortable as your indoor furniture. This could make your screen on the porch even more of a favorite destination for relaxing with your family.
  • Furniture
    You can transform your screened in porch into a perfect gathering place for summer evenings with some particular furniture choices. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s comfortable, suits your style, and is weather-proof (to some degree).

Contact a deck builder in Laurel MD

At Diamond Decks, we have designed screened in porches that enhance our clients’ lives and add extra living space. You can contact us to learn more about our screened in porches.

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