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You might not think of the winters months as an excellent time to build a new deck (or anything else), but that doesn’t mean it’s true! While it’s windy, cold, and snowy during the winter, the truth is that building a new deck in winter is a great time, and below are four reasons why you should contact Diamond Decks, the best deck builder in Glen Burnie MD about building a new deck this winter.

Get Ahead Of The Game

When you build your new deck in winter, you get ahead of the game and have your project underway before the spring and summer rush hits. Most people gear up for new home improvement projects in the spring to start in the summer months. This rush means many local deck builders are incredibly busy during the summertime, but not so much during the winter.

Dryer Air In Winter

Composite decks use pressure-treated wood on the base and the footers as its underlying structure. What many people don’t know is that pressure-treated wood needs time to cure, which it can’t do as well during the spring and summer months due to moisture in the air, causing the wood to sometimes warp and crack (especially if not installed by a certified pro).

No Space Competition To Build A New Deck In Winter

In the spring and summer months, you’re more likely to use your yard for a variety of activities. These activities range from swimming, cooking food, socializing, and gardening. You’re not likely to use the yard in winter as much since it’s cold, snowy, and windy. This means the workers don’t have to compete with space while they work and you don’t have to worry about noise during your outside time.

No Plants Harmed

Speaking of competing with space: when you build a new deck in winter, you don’t have to worry about harming any plants or flowers as they arrive in spring and thrive in summer and early autumn. You don’t have to worry about moving other spring and summer items you usually keep in the yard as you’ve already stored them for the winter.

Deck Builder in Glen Burnie

Whatever the case for building a new deck in winter, you need to find a professional capable of handling your new deck build with finesse, and who can speak with you to determine the best plant for your situation. At Diamond Decks, we take pride in our decks, and you can count on us to stick with you from start to finish!

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