Adapting your outdoor living space for handicap accessibility is as important as making your indoor space easy to navigate. One of the perks as a Maryland resident is taking full advantage of every season. From spring through fall homeowners in the Baltimore, Ellicott City, and Annapolis, Maryland areas benefit from beautiful weather and handicap homeowners shouldn’t be restricted to indoor living spaces.

Handicap Accessibility Options

For your outdoor deck, porch, or living space, you have a few options when it comes to wheelchair accessibility. Your options depend on the type of outdoor deck you currently have or want. Is your deck a second story space, or a few feet above the ground?

For the near-ground level deck, homeowners can simply add a ramp with a gradual incline, with deck railings, which are necessary for safety. The point of entry can be adjacent to any step up, or an easy access area where the ground is level. If there’s a walkway leading to the ramp, keep in mind it will need to be wide enough, and level enough to navigate a wheelchair.

Second story decks, or those with several steps, will require some additional engineering. Your ramp need not be one long incline, or require some additional twists and turns. Consider placing landings at intervals. These landings allow for ‘rest stops’ for your loved one to pause a moment, and, strategically placed, look out at the goings on around the home, and offer an aesthetic complement to your deck.

Accessibility Beyond the Ramp

Once on the deck, navigating deck levels of varying degrees can also require modifications. A single step can easily be turned into a mini-ramp. For a bigger incline, you will need a ramp, with rails, to allow wheelchair access.

Keep in mind that ramps for persons with disabilities, when done professionally, can blend with the aesthetics of your outdoor deck. Also, providing ADA approved wheelchair access will increase your home value, especially as more and more homeowner’s desire to age in place.

Don’t neglect ramp lighting as an added safety measure. Even shorter ramps should be lighted and visible at night. Diamond Decks specialized in outdoor LED light installation. Our design experts can help you pick lighting options that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Choose a Deck Contractor You Trust

Our certified master builders listen to your individual needs, and respect your desire to maintain your loved one’s independence is essential when making your handicap accessible. Diamond Decks & Home Improvement has the experience and knowledge to make sure your outdoor deck accommodates everyone. We understand the importance your loved one needs in maintaining independence, and work with you to ensure your family member is able to safely spend time on your outdoor deck. We’ve been serving greater Baltimore area, for nearly a quarter century.  Best of all, we work within the strict ADA guidelines to ensure your family’s safety.

Contact Diamond Decks & Home Improvement today to find out how we can help make your home wheelchair friendly.

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