If you’ve elected to resurface rather than replace your deck, you might be wondering what kind of preparation needs to take place before the ball gets rolling. Do you need to spend time sanding, power washing, and clearing your deck before your resurfacing specialist pays a visit? Today, the team at Diamond Decks is here to help you understand the whole process from start to finish!

Considering a resurface for your deck or want to find out more about what a resurface can do for you and your home? Contact Diamond Decks in Maryland online!

How Does a Resurface Start?

First off we’ll have to define what we mean by the term resurface. The confusion lies in a lack of clarity regarding what the service means. In most cases, a resurface in the eyes of a professional deck company is going to mean removing the old, outdated, or damaged boards and replacing them with a newer wood or composite material. It’s still far cheaper than a replacement (by nearly half) and brings you some fantastic results.

However, in some cases, you’ll see resurface used to mean either stain, paint, or seal your deck. All of these services all often fall under the term “deck restoration” as well. These are still a resurface job to be sure, but it’s important to know which service you’re getting yourself into before you decide what needs doing. But don’t stress too much. When you call in for decking services, the experts will certainly detail your options and you can pick what works best for you and your needs.

Do I Need to Sand or Pressure Wash?

If you’re opting for the remove and replace form of deck resurfacing, an option we offer here at Diamond Decks, then you needn’t worry about sanding or cleaning (except maybe the deck frame). However, if you’re looking to seal, paint, or re-stain a deck, then you will want to wash a bit.

This is because anything at all that remains on your deck when it is sealed is going to stay there, and for good. Any mold or mildew, surface dirt, or other materials will be caught under the new coat and thus can severely limit the effectiveness of the resurface. This can lead to a botched job, or the new coat that will chip or wear away far too quickly.

As to whether or not you need to sand, it depends. Sanding is almost always a good idea, since it removes any old coating layers and evens the surface of your deck, leading to a nice and smooth finished product that’s easy on the eyes and far more likely to last as long as you want it to.

Deck Sealing & Deck Resurfacing in Maryland

If you’re interested in the benefits a resurface can bring to you and your home, feel free to contact Diamond Decks any time! We offer excellent wood and composite resurfacing materials from Trex and other trusted names, so you know you’re going to get a finished product you can enjoy for years to come.

Reach us online today to get started, or feel free to dial (443) 688-6072 to talk to a decking specialist near you!

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