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A deck is the perfect place for you, your friends, and your family to gather outside the home. Whether you want to grill, chat, or enjoy pleasant weather together, it’s a functional, beautiful extension of the home. You might have the perfect idea for how you want the deck to look and how big you want it to be. However, you might not fully appreciate the difference between the alternative choices of deck materials. Here at Diamond Decks, we’re the expert deck builder in Glen Burnie, and can help you decide.

Composite vs Natural Wood

The two major types of decking are composite and natural wood. Both choices are excellent, but there are key differences that might make the difference for you when it comes to taking your pick.

Composite Decking

Manufacturers produce composite wood with reclaimed materials, fillers, and various chemical additives. Thanks to modern production techniques, a composite board is extremely durable and resilient. While the first composite decks were unattractive and faded in the weather, modern composite decking has solved both issues. When you order a composite deck, it can look convincingly real and beautiful for decades. Composite is more expensive up-front, but the lack of maintenance and long 30-year lifespan makes up for this.

Natural Wood Decking

When you talk about natural wood decking, you’re speaking of a variety of wood types such as cedar and redwood. The best wooden decks will last roughly as long as a composite deck and cost less up-front, but their lifespan can fall by a decade or more without proper maintenance. On the other hand, authentic hardwood has a beautiful aesthetic charm that wins over countless homeowners each year.


When you’re choosing what material to use for your deck or front porch, you need to consider your priorities. If you have less money to spend up-front and don’t mind performing yearly maintenance, then natural wood makes sense. If you have a long-term outlook and like the appearance of our composite decking options, then they’re for you.

Deck Builder in Glen Burnie

When you’re looking for a deck builder in Glen Burnie, turn to the trusted experts. Here at Diamond Decks, we have a great record for delivering quality and leaving our customers satisfied. If you have more questions about the merits of natural wood vs composite decking, give us a call because we have the answers.

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