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When putting in a new deck, there are tons of decisions to make and options to consider. It may seem intimidating to pick the right materials, design, lighting, and railings, but with deck professionals in Hanover and a custom deck design process, you can ease these worries.

In order to choose the best options for your home, start by evaluating your current space. No matter what ideas you may dream up, we can make it work with the right measurements and planning.

Choosing the Right Materials with Deck Professionals in Hanover

Materials are important because you want it to match the style of your home, but also reflect the climate where you are located. For example, real wood versus other types of decking, depending on your typical weather conditions and temperature. Your chosen professional should be able to advise you properly on this point.


The design of your deck is very customizable. You can choose what type of material you want, how big it is, and other details throughout.

If you are on the fence about what kind of design to go with, your contractor can walk you through the available options and how they might fit in with your space and aesthetic.


Adding lighting to your new deck is a great way to make it stand out! If you want to add color, consider changing the bulbs. Also, generally, LED lights are great because they require less electricity, are more versatile, and are long-lasting.


Railings should be added to your deck and deck stairs for safety and security. This add-on can also be customized to match your deck’s aesthetic while keeping everyone inside safe while moving around on the deck.


The four most common deck materials are composite, wood, vinyl and metal. Each has their benefits and costs associated with them.

Once you’ve decided which design best fits your needs, deck professionals in Hanover can put in a 3D model of the space to determine what will look best for the new deck construction. They also consult with you on different color combinations that will accentuate your outdoor space.

Working With Deck Professionals in Hanover

Once you’ve agreed on color and design, the best deck builders in Hanover Maryland will begin construction as soon as possible. Working quickly, they’ll remove old decking and railings if necessary. Then, they’ll clean up  to keep your space looking nice throughout construction.

The beauty of custom deck design is that it’s as unique as your house. You can choose from many colors and textures to match family needs, as well as the best path for gathering space with friends and families.

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