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Is winter a good time to build a deck? The answer, according to deck builders in Annapolis, Maryland, is yes! First of all, it’s a great idea to build a custom deck any time of year. A new deck can increase your enjoyment of your outdoor living space, providing you with a great place to relax or entertain guests. Did you know that a brand-new deck can even enhance the value of your home? If you want to build a custom deck or replace an old deck, winter is a terrific time to take on this project.

Why Build a Custom Deck in Winter?

As a homeowner, you might assume that residential construction specialists do not offer deck building services, but many contractors prefer to build them in winter as opposed to the spring season with its rains or the heat and humidity of summer. Did you know that the dry weather in winter is actually conducive to deck building? Dry winter weather allows pressure-treated wood more time to dry, which reduces the risk of splitting and cracking that can occur in direct sunlight. The dry winter weather is also the ideal time for staining your deck.

By building a deck in the winter, you can avoid scheduling problems that often occur during the busy spring construction season. With its changeable weather, spring is also prone to weather disruptions that can delay the completion of your new custom deck. If you build your deck in winter, it will be ready to enjoy in the spring. Finally, you may be able to save money on deck materials and labor costs in the winter due to less consumer demand.

Let Deck Builders in Annapolis, Maryland, Build Your Deck This Winter

Celebrate the New Year by putting in a brand new deck this winter. Begin the year with a feature that your entire household and guests can enjoy. Build a custom deck and plan your warm season fun; design your deck as a place for dining outdoors, growing your favorite plants, reading, or simply extending your outdoor living space.

Contact Diamond Decks for a free estimate and to discuss our custom deck solutions. As leading deck builders in Annapolis, Maryland, we are renowned for our construction expertise, outstanding customer service and fair, upfront pricing.

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