Summertime is definitely deck time. The weather is warmer and the grill is even hotter! But before you go inviting the whole family over for a BBQ, it is important that you know your deck is safe. Decks are just like any other part of your home and require regular maintenance and inspection. Diamond Decks, expert deck contractors in Maryland, suggests you follow these important deck maintenance and inspection tips:

  • Check to make sure all boards are secure and have not rotted or warped over time. They begin to loosen once they start to rot.
  • Make sure all nails are flat and that none have protruded from the wood.
  • Check for wobbly railings.
  • Check for loose stairs and ledgers that may appear to be pulling away from the house.
    • A ledger is a board bolted to your house that your deck is attached to for support. Not all decks have this.
  • Look for missing or loose connections.
  • Check all metal connectors, screws, nails, and fasteners to make sure they are free of rust and rot.

Prevent Wear and Tear on Your Deck

In addition to maintaining and inspecting your deck, you can take preventative measures to ensure your deck lasts as long as possible. Whether you are building a new deck or refurbishing your old one, here are a few things you can do to make sure your deck is well built and maintained.

  • Use galvanized steel connectors for all nails and screws.
  • Use pressure treated or naturally durable wood.
  • Seal your deck to prevent it from water and sun damage (depends on the type of board used).
  • Design and build your deck with a continuous load path. Doing this ensures that the path transfers the weight of the deck throughout the entire frame instead of just on one board.
  • Hire experienced deck builders to ensure the lasting quality of your deck. Some builders may cut corners to save time and money but that will cost you in the long run. Diamond Decks takes pride in their work and they even offer deck check-up services to ensure their products last. If you’re looking for a trusted deck builder in Maryland, Diamond Decks is well trusted and NADRA certified.

Deck Installation and Repair in Maryland

A deck will last a lifetime if properly constructed and maintained. If you are interested in building a new deck or rehabbing the one you already have, call on the experts at Diamond Decks to give you quality you can count in. Contact us today for a free deck consultation at (443) 688-6072!

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