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When you have a beautiful new deck installed, it is essential to maintain it proactively, so you can avoid more costly repairs later on. Diamond Decks are the top deck builders in Bowie, offering deck inspections and repairs to keep your deck looking as flawless as the day it was installed. You can reduce the chances of avoidable repairs with these simple steps and tips.

Regular Deck Inspections

You’ve likely heard of having your plumbing or lighting inspected, but may never have thought about a deck inspection. And yet, why not? You invested time and money into your new deck, so you want to keep it in top condition for as long as possible.

Problems with a deck can result in expensive repairs later on, or even personal injury, depending on the issue. At Diamond Decks, we inspect everything on your deck, including posts, joists, beams, and all hardware. We also offer a five-year warranty on low maintenance repair work!

We recommended you schedule a deck inspection every three to four years to give your deck the long life it deserves, but please reach out for a personalized recommendation if you’re interested.

Deck Resurfacing

If your deck starts to look weathered, then your instinct might be to ignore it. After all, if you’re not ready to invest in a full deck replacement, what other option is there? The answer is deck resurfacing.

Building a new deck can be expensive, but deck resurfacing is often half the price of replacing a deck. Resurfacing a deck involves removing the current wood boards from your deck and restoring them with premium wood or composite decking. You’re left with a deck that looks fresh and new again!

If you’re keeping up with regular deck inspections, then your contractor will advise when you’re due for a deck resurfacing. Usually, a deck resurfacing is recommended every four to five years.

The Top Deck Builders in Bowie: Diamond Decks

Diamond Decks is a locally-owned and operated contracting company specializing in building high-quality decks. We’ve been the top deck-builders in Bowie for several years and have the portfolio to prove it. If you’re ready for a deck inspection, deck resurfacing, or are interested in building a new deck, contact us today.

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