Applying stain to your outdoor deck brings out the beauty of the wood, protects the structure, and enhances the appearance of your favorite place to gather with family and friends.  Staining a deck is something most homeowners, or professionals, can do in a few days’ time. When it is applied correctly, deck stain will keep its new appearance for a year, or even two, depending on how friendly Mother Nature decides to be.

Timing of Deck Staining

Staining a deck, though not a difficult project, can be tricky.  As with most outdoor undertakings, especially in and around the Baltimore area, timing is everything.  Rain and humidity can cause your wood to take in moisture, which can prevent your stain from being fully absorbed and end with a spotty-looking, unprotected deck surface.  That means spring into summer is a questionable time.  Winter can bring frozen precipitation, as well as temperatures which are certainly not optimum for application.

In and around the Baltimore and Annapolis area, the preferred time of year to stain your deck is fall.  From late August- early November, the weather tends to be fairly predictable, barring any tropical storms. Fall is the time of outdoor festivals, hiking, hayrides and bonfires and is the very best time to tackle outdoor home projects.  Lower temperatures and dry, sunny days help the stain and sealant to dry more rapidly.

Although the task of staining your deck isn’t necessarily a huge time commitment, deck staining can uncover the need for further maintenance and repairs.  Diamond Decks can prep, stain, and seal your deck as part of their decking repair services, making your outdoor living space like new.

Benefits of Deck Staining

There are many benefits to staining your deck, ranging from cosmetic—keeping your deck looking new—to the preservative—adding years to your outdoor living space.  Deck maintenance is essential to prevent repairs and replacement, and also protecting the wood itself.  Genuine wood decks are popular because of their beauty and durability.  Staining your wood deck helps keep your deck strong and lovely for years to come.

Today’s stains, designed specifically for your outdoor deck, provide essential weatherproofing to your exposed wood.  Rain, harsh sun, icy precipitation, and a buildup of organic debris, can degrade your deck’s surface by penetrating the wood and causing splits, cracks, mold, and eventually rot.  Deck stain can prevent damage and degradation by weatherproofing the surface of your deck.

Protective deck stain will add years to the lifespan of your deck by preventing weather damage.  Stain keeps your deck looking like new and adds value to your home.  Deck stain also prevents ugly cracking and splitting, which creates splintering.  With a stained and sealed deck, the surface of the wood remains damage-free. Feel free to shed those shoes and run barefoot across your newly stained deck.  Just make sure it’s dry first!

Invest in Your Deck

Staining your deck makes absolute sense. Although it can be a tedious job, the payoff is well worth the time investment. Consider making deck staining a part of your next deck addition or repair.  The professionals at Diamond Decks can advise you further.

For deck staining, protective sealing, and repairs or replacement of your deck, railing, or stairs, talk to Maryland’s deck and home improvement expert, Diamond Decks.  We also build low-maintenance composite decking.  This easy care material looks like wood but maintains its beauty for years to come with little to no maintenance whatsoever.  For more information on deck maintenance or new deck construction, contact the professionals at Diamond Decks & Home Improvement today by calling (443) 688-6072!

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