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If you’ve been dying to put in a new deck, deck builders in Fulton are here to help. Before you jump into the project this summer, think about some of the latest trends in outdoor decks so you can get something that works well for your needs, and which suits the current styles. Here are a few trends to consider incorporating into your new deck.

Modern Designs On Railings

While there’s nothing wrong with vertical railings, they are a bit more commonly-found and considered to be standard. If you want a deck that stands out, there are plenty of cable railing options that give your deck a creative look and modern design. These railings don’t rust or have to be maintained so they are a cool and convenient addition to any neck deck. Plus, you can get a variety of design options to make things the style you want.

Add Lighting

Maybe obviously: you will enjoy your deck more if you light it well! Not only will it give you more safety and security, but having the right lights can extend your living area and allow you to enjoy the deck even after the sun goes down. You can light the deck through railing toppers, lights that hang from the house, and in other such ways that can be added as the new deck is built.

Material Options

There are lots of material options and many of them are on-trend right now. Various natural woods are always going to be in style, and composite decking is huge right now as well. You will want to choose the material based on the look you want, the maintenance level you are okay with, and the budget you have in mind for the project.


Many decks are just the floor and railing and that’s it. You can add furniture and other features at will. But, you may like the idea of having built-in benches so you have more seating when guests are there. Or, you can have flower boxes built in so you can garden right there on your deck. There are many popular built-in options today to add on to your new deck.

Deck Builders in Fulton MD

If you are ready for your dream deck to become a reality, Diamond Decks, deck builders in Fulton, are here to talk to you about outdoor lighting, deck materials and everything else you need to know to create the deck of your dreams.

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