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Your deck is usually where you and your family and friends gather to relax and unwind, especially in warmer weather, so you want your deck to stand out. What are some things you can do to make your deck unique? How can you make your deck stand out? Diamond Decks, your deck professionals in Annapolis Maryland, can help you have the best deck on your block from the beginning.

Deck Building Process

Building a deck is more than just adding a platform to part of your house. There is a process to getting the best deck for your home, one that will add value and beauty along with functionality. Diamond Decks uses the best materials and practices giving you a showpiece you can be proud of. The process of building a deck includes:

  1. A ledger is attached and protected in the first step.
  2. Footings and piers are then installed.
  3. The next step is adding side rim joists and post bases.
  4. Interior joists, beams and front rim joists are then added.
  5. Last, the trim and decking itself is added. These are the visible parts of your deck that everyone notices, so you want to use the best materials your budget will allow.

Making Your Deck Stand Out

Once you have the basics, you can add extras to make your deck stand out. Some things you can do to make your deck unique include the following:

  1. Pergolas are a beautiful addition to any deck and can be used for lights, hanging pots or to grow vines on.
  2. Mixing up the color of your perimeter board or railings can add charm and flare to your deck.
  3. Board placement is another way to make your deck unique. Diagonal boards can make your deck stand out.
  4. Effective use of lighting is an inexpensive way to make your deck a conversation starter in your neighborhood.
  5. Adding benches, cushions and a firepit makes your deck inviting, and lets you effectively showcase your personal style.
  6. Putting curves on your deck can also make it stand out.

Deck Professionals in Annapolis Maryland

To make your deck the talk of your neighborhood and the place to hang out, call Diamond Decks to get started. Diamond Decks is your deck professional in Annapolis Maryland.

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