There are two natural elements that will age your deck—water and UV damage from natural sunlight. Weatherproofing, or waterproofing, your deck usually takes care of both of these natural problems.

Waterproofing is a method of sealing your deck that helps keep the wood finish looking fresh and new.  A layer of stain protects the deck from natural occurring wear and damage.

Types of Waterproofing Systems

There are several types of waterproofing systems that you can use on your deck. Clear or colored stains and sealers are most commonly used on residential decks. They can be either oil or water based. Solid stains are another option, but they require more maintenance, as they start to peel over time and will have to be redone sooner.

Steps to Take When Weatherproofing Your Deck.

Step 1: Remove all furniture from your deck and then sweep to remove all dust and debris.

Step 2: All wood should be cleaned prior to staining. Even if your deck is brand new, you should still use a wood cleaner before staining. If there is a buildup of old stain on your deck, you will need to use a stain stripper to remove it. Once old stain is removed, you can then begin cleaning your deck for weatherproofing. .

Step 3: It is very important to rinse all chemical cleaning products off your deck. Some deck cleaning products might seem safe, but over time they can begin to break down your stain if not properly washed off. If this happens, you will most likely be repeating all these steps far sooner than you hoped.

Step 4: Allow ample time for your deck to dry before staining.

Step 5: Begin staining. Remember, you get what you pay for—better products cost more money. If you want the best results, you should look into using the best products. Make sure your product has a sealer in it because this will waterproof the deck. If you would like professional advice, click here.

How Soon Should I Weatherproof My New Deck?

Waiting to weatherproof your new deck all depends on the type of material that was used to build it. In some cases, you should immediately weatherproof the surface, but some wood decks should be left to dry out for a few weeks before weatherproofing. For the best advice on when to weatherproof your new deck, call one of the deck experts from Diamond Decks at (443) 688-6072.

How Often Will My Deck Need to be Waterproofed?

If properly done, weatherproofing should last at least two years. However, if your deck is in a shaded area that does not receive any sunlight, mildew can grow and you should clean and weatherproof it more often. Likewise, if your deck gets too much sun, it can dry out and warp faster than normal. The average deck in Maryland should last a few years if it has a good balance of both sun and shade.

Maintaining Your Newly Waterproofed Deck

It doesn’t take much to keep your deck looking great. Just as you would wash anything else in your home, remember to wash the surface of your deck every once in a while to keep leaves and dirt from damaging the finish.

I would move the “types of systems” and “steps to take” sections to the top, after the intro. And then after that, I would have “how soon” and then “how often.”

If you are in the Maryland area and would like to speak with a deck contractor about weatherproofing your new deck, call Diamond Decks today at (443) 688-6072!

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