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Though decks are a great space to entertain guests or spend time with family, they sometimes require maintenance and inspection to ensure their safety. Have you had your deck inspected in the last two years? If not, Diamond Decks, one of the best deck builders in Bowie, has experience inspecting custom decks, wood decks, composite decks, and more to ensure their structural stability and overall safety for you and your family.

Why are Deck Inspections Important?

Inspections are extremely important. You should have them regularly or when you notice something is off about your deck. Some flaws in a deck could result in expensive damage or even personal injury. Our deck builders in Bowie will inspect everything from the joists and beams down to the nails and bolts to ensure your deck is in proper shape.

What to Look For

Not only does your deck face harsh weather conditions, but it can also be harmed by insects, mildew, and rust. Does your deck sway slightly when you step out onto it? This is usually a sign that ants or termites have been infesting the framework. This is especially dangerous because they can cause the deck to detach from the house.

Nearly all decks will experience mildew during its life. You’ll probably notice a green tint to it as well as slippery steps. You may also see a fuzzy substance or mushroom growth around your deck if you are having mold issues. Checking underneath the deck is as important as checking the top of it. How are the fasteners and joists? Is there a sign of rust? What about the bolts and screws? This is what is keeping your deck standing, so if you notice anything concerning, call a deck builder immediately.

Deck Inspection and Deck Builders in Bowie MD

Diamond Decks, deck builders in Bowie, has over 20 years of experience in various types of deck building and inspecting. We take the safety of our customers extremely seriously. We are a certified member of the North American Deck and Railing Association who promote safe, affordable, and high-quality decking. Keep your deck in tip-top shape, and contact Diamond Decks today for a deck inspection.

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