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You might look for a warranty on a lot of different products you choose for your home, but did you know that you can also have a warranty on your deck? Deck builders in Glen Burnie MD can offer you warranties so you feel good about the products and labor you received. Here are some details on deck warranties that can give you confidence about your choice to work with Diamond Decks.

When Should You Think about Your Deck Warranty?

You Notice Sinking

If the deck or even the stairs become uneven within the first five years, the posts may have sunken in or the ledger board may have dropped. That is something you could likely get fixed under your warranty, so you should look into whether or not this is covered right away.

The Deck Has Shifted

The posts that are holding your deck into place might shift upward due to something happening in the ground around them. If you notice that the deck or the stairs are not level, your warranty might take care of that as well.

Leaning Issues

If you take note of your deck leaning to the left or right because one of the posts is doing the same, you may need to have your chosen deck professionals come out to assess the problem, and possibly do some work to rectify this.

The Importance of a Deck Warranty from Deck Builders in Glen Burnie

Deck contractors will tell you that their decks are structurally sound and built to last many years, however, if you don’t have a warranty on their products and the word they do, you really don’t have any guarantees. Contractors can say whatever they want, but when they are willing to back up their work with a warranty, that can help you to move ahead with that contractor with a new sense of confidence.

Diamond Decks is one of the most reputable and honest companies in Maryland, so you can count on our products and services. If you have any questions about our work, or your warranty, feel free to get in touch!

Professional Deck Builders in Glen Burnie

The pros at Diamond Decks are deck builders in Glen Burnie Maryland that give homeowners 5-year warranties to go along with quality materials and only the highest level craftsmanship. Estimates are also free, and there are no obligations, so you can call at any time and figure out what direction you would like to go in. The deck builders at Diamond Decks will help you with the project starting with the design and moving all the way through the build-out to completion.

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