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Whether your old deck is pretty much shot and you want to install a new one, or you are starting from scratch, putting in a custom deck that will fit you and your family’s lifestyle is a great option. Here are some tips from a deck builder in Clarksville on why building a custom deck could be right for you.

Factors to Consider

Labor – Custom decks can be labor-intensive. You’ll be working with a contractor so you’ll have to budget appropriately for labor costs. You’ll have to factor in any possible delays due to weather, supply issues, and so on. Make sure you discuss this with your contractor and get a solid estimate of labor costs.

Design – The more complex the design, the longer it may take and will have higher labor costs. You’ll need to allow for this in your budget. Settle on a final design and stick to it. Any running changes will cost you time and money and will upset your contractor’s construction schedule. And it’ll delay the time when you’ll be able to use and enjoy your new deck, so stick to the plan and everyone will be happy.

Materials – There are a number of materials you can use to construct your deck, some are better than others. Traditional pressure-treated lumber can be cheaper, but it’s environmentally unsound, due to the chemicals used and its contribution to deforestation. Exotic hardwoods are also environmentally unfriendly since they contribute to deforestation in the Amazon basin. Plus, their maintenance costs over time will rise considerably. Man-made materials such as Trex, AZEK, TimberTech, and others last longer and have minimal maintenance costs since they don’t need to be sealed regularly and are highly resistant to weathering.

Substructure – Your new deck will require a custom substructure, which will contribute to design, labor, and materials costs. You’ll need to budget for this as well.

Fasteners – You have to put it all together, so the cost of fasteners is important. Depending on the type used, from basic screws to hidden or color-matched options will determine how much the fastening system will cost. Budget accordingly.

Finding a Deck Builder in Clarksville

You’ve decided to install a new, custom deck, but don’t want to do it yourself. Reach out to the deck professionals in Clarksville, Diamond Decks. The professionals at Diamond Decks will work with you to design the deck of your dreams. Their 3D design modeling, a wide choice of materials, including Trex, AZEK, and others, allow Diamond Decks to work with you to design and build your custom deck exactly as you want it. For a free estimate, contact Diamond Decks today at 877–211-0898 or online at Contact Diamond Decks

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