There are plenty of things to hold your attention throughout the winter months, like holidays, travel, and, for many, some time away from work. But it’s quite rare for the idea of construction to cross anyone’s mind when it’s freezing out. You’ll soon learn, however, that you’re actually missing out on a huge opportunity! Winter may very well be the best time to have a custom deck built. Read on to find out why. 

The Weather Is Actually Ideal 

There is one major enemy of deck building: humidity. High humidity can slow down the drying process of pressure-treated and composite lumber, which often results in a deck that can shift or warp. Additionally, applying a stain to a deck during the drier months of winter ensures the stain dries swiftly and evenly, preventing cracking and discoloration. 

Contractors Are More Readily Available 

As we mentioned before, not many people think about construction when the temperature outside is frigid. This means that when you look for quotes or begin the scheduling process for a new custom deck with a deck builder in Maryland, you’re far more likely to have their undivided attention right away. Winter gives a contractor ample time to draw up plans and to help you procure permits (which can be quite time consuming), and is a great time to get deck materials without delivery conflicts. 

Building a Deck in the Winter Means It’ll Be Ready in the Spring 

It can be a huge disappointment to a homeowner when they find out that the deck they decided to have constructed won’t be completed until after the best parts of the spring season. Maryland springtime is gorgeous, and you want your deck primed and ready for relaxing, entertaining, and hosting cookouts. Starting the project in the winter ensures your deck will be in perfect order once the cold abates and the warm months come rolling in. 

Construction in Wintertime Means Less Landscape Disruption

Maintaining a gorgeous, thriving landscape can be hard enough without having to worry about booted feet and bundles of lumber moving all over your lawn. When you get the job done in the wintertime all of your beloved perennials and shrubs are already temporarily out of the picture and the harder, more densely packed soil is more resistant to disruption. That means no muddy, chopped-up yard, and no risks to the landscape you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. 

Off-Seasons Often Provide Better Pricing Opportunities 

Because business is slower and demand often dies down in the winter, you may be able to enjoy more than just scheduling advantages; often enough in the winter season the cost of materials, delivery, and even the job contract itself might be available at a lower price. 

Contact Diamond Decks for Custom Decking Services in Maryland 

Diamond Decks is a leading custom decking contractor that proudly serves Maryland homeowners. If your interest is piqued and you’re curious about the additional benefits of a deck installation this winter, give us a call! We would love the opportunity to discuss your options with you and to provide you with a gorgeous, durable deck that will be ready come spring.

Reach out to Diamond Decks today by calling (443) 688-6072 or contact us online to find the answers you need about custom decking in Maryland!

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