Whether you are redesigning your whole yard or you are looking to add a small space where your family can gather, a fire pit can make a great addition to any sized yard. Fire pits are the perfect space to spend a lazy summer’s night and can become a focal point of your backyard.


Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas for Your Yard
Outdoor fire pits can be designed in so many different ways. They can become a secluded romantic spot or they can be wide open so that you can fit large parties in. Here are some great ideas you may want to incorporate in your fire pit design.

  • Built in Benches – If you like the idea of low maintenance seating around your fire pit, your fire pit design should include built-in benches. These benches work best in cement and can be made comfortable with pretty throw cushions.
  • Sunken Fire Pit – A sunken fire pit looks modern and sleek and allows you place furnishing around it as you wish.
  • Table Fire Pit – You may have seen table fire pits at your favorite restaurant or hotel. Table fire pits are sleek and sophisticated and run on gas, making them easy to use.
  • Hidden Fire Pit – If  you have lush foliage in your yard or an area that is hidden away, think about building a stone fire pit in that space. Fire pits that are tucked away give you the ultimate in privacy.
  • Visually Contrasting Fire Pit– If you have composite decking, consider installing a fire pit in an opposite shade.  This can bring a visually appealing look to your entertainment deck.
  • Fire Pit with a View – If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful view from your backyard you can design a fire pit that allows you to gaze out past the fire, drawing your eyes to the view.
  • Party Pit – If you love to hold parties, a built-in fireplace that is big enough for everyone to gather around can be fun. Leave seating flexible so that guests can drag comfortable chairs around the pit or stand with their favorite drink will turn the fire pit into an enjoyable space.

You can build a fire pit that will enhance your backyard, giving you a great space to gather, all year long.

If you are considering building a fire pit but you are stuck on ideas, or you know exactly what you want and you are ready to install a fire pit, the team at Diamond Decks can help. We offer both design and installation services throughout Maryland.

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