With a big push toward outdoor living and getting the great benefits of outdoor light, many homeowners are turning to new and improved ways of getting closer to the outdoors. One method gaining tons of popularity is a structure featuring a louvered roof. Unfamiliar with the term and looking for some answers? The deck building experts at Diamond Decks are here to give you the basics!

How Does a Louvered Roof Work?

To make louvered roofs easier to conceptualize, envision the appearance of a set of home window blinds. A louvered roof looks very similar, featuring slats that are mounted with mobility in mind and are capable of being set to an “open” and “closed” position, just like the blinds.

The goal and purpose here is to allow the homeowner to choose the position of the slats at will, opening the slats (a process that can be done either mechanically, automatically, or manually) according to their preferences. When it’s a beautiful day and you want all of the sunlight you can get, you can open them completely. On a dusky or rainy day, they can be closed—or you can have them half-open to let in some light but still retain shade.

How Do Louvered Roofs Handle Rain & Snow?

One of our most common concerns with a louvered roof is how the system deals with rain—particularly because these roofs don’t often feature much of a pitch. But the answer is easy! Louvered roof systems use a custom-built gutter and water removal system, allowing them to handle rain without any leaking and even snow loads come winter.

Where Can a Louvered Roof Be Installed?

The most common applications for a louvered roof include:

  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Exterior outbuildings
  • Gazebos

What Are the Benefits of a Louvered Roof?

Why choose a louvered roof over other types? The big benefit is functionality, of course. The power to pick what you want when you want it. But if you’re looking for a list, louvered roofs offer:

  • Natural light. Good access to sunlight can mean mood benefits, health perks, and a great place to plant without worrying about sun and weather exposure.
  • Custom roofing options. Modern louvered roofs are pretty recent, but that means they have the advantage of customizable appearances and the advantages of all of the modern day mechanical tech available.
  • Space versatility. With a louvered roof, you can host parties or simply soak up the outdoor air, no matter what the weather is like. That means come winter, you’ve got a functional patio. Come rain, still the same!

Equinox Louvered Roof Installation in Maryland

At Diamond Decks, we’ve been handling the home needs of clients for over 20 years. With our experience and dedication to top-class solutions, you’re virtually guaranteed the exact result you’ve been looking for.

Interested in learning more about louvered roofs? Contact our certified home service experts online today, or get in touch over the phone by dialing (443) 688-6072!

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