Commercial Outdoor Covered Dining Spaces

For restaurants, revenue is tied to occupancy and occupancy is directly linked to the number of tables served. To increase revenue the simplest and most cost effective method is to increase the table count. An excellent way to do that without the expense of major renovations is to utilize available outdoor space.

At Diamond Decks, we know outdoor spaces. Designing functional and attractive patios and decks is our specialty, and we’ve been doing it throughout Annapolis, Baltimore, and the surrounding Maryland regions for more than twenty years.

Let us show you how to make use of that valuable patio or unused outdoor eating space. Contact Diamond Decks today!

Revenues Go Up When You Create an Outdoor Patio Oasis

It’s true. Studies have shown that a well-managed outdoor eating space can significantly increase a restaurant’s profitability.

If your business has an existing outdoor space or patio for seating, or one that you would like to convert to a seating space, contact Diamond Decks. We can show you how a louvered patio roof will create an oasis out of your dining patio and turn it into a place where customers will linger.

Keep Your Customers Comfortable, Dry, and at Their Tables with a Louvered Roof

An exposed restaurant patio may be of little value at times. Hot sun, wind, and rainy days can make outdoor dining uncomfortable, even impossible.

We know that in Maryland, the weather changes—frequently! A day that seemed perfect for lunch or dinner on the patio can send customers scurrying for cover from the blistering sun or blowing rain.

It doesn’t have to be that way. An affordable louvered patio roof cover installed by Diamond Decks will keep your customers and staff comfortable and dry. Most importantly, it will allow you to keep them at their tables where customers should be.

A Covered Patio Puts You in Control

Louvered roofs allow you to block out heat and sunlight. When closed completely, they even block the rain. Instead of watching customers turn away from your outdoor patio, a louvered roof puts you in control.

Aluminum panels, or louvers, are mounted to overhead rafters. Rotating the louvers from horizontal to vertical allows in more or less sunlight as desired.

On cool days let the sun shine through providing a bright, cheery place for a meal. When the temperatures soar, close out the sun and keep your customers comfortable in the shade. On rainy days, close them completely, and the patio space stays dry and pleasant.

The durable aluminum louvers and rafters will not rust or deteriorate through exposure to the sun and the elements. They come in an assortment of powder coated colors to complement your building design.

You can even suspend ceiling fans and other accessories from the rafters to enhance the ambiance and comfort of the patio space.

Rely on Diamond Decks for Your Louvered Patio Roof

At Diamond Decks, our business is to help yours succeed. Our customers have relied on us for more than twenty years, and you can rely on Diamond Decks for the highest quality design and installation of your louvered patio roof.

If you are ready to create an oasis out of your patio and outdoor dining space, call us at (443) 599-8710 or contact Diamond Decks online. Our professional team will be happy to show you how an affordable louvered roof can help make your patio a place where customers will throng regardless of the weather.