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You can transform your patio into a relaxing space by hanging curtains, decorating it with plants, or adding a dining nook, among others. In fact, one of the best ways to make it cozy can be to add a roof or pergola. Our deck professionals in Laurel can help you create a nice space for you and your family to enjoy. Read on to learn about if you should add a roof or pergola to your deck or patio.

Benefits of Adding a Pergola

For one thing, pergolas can be aesthetically pleasing and boost curb appeal. Besides this, you can add extra shade by installing a roof on one. Inexpensive shade options include roller shades, straw or bamboo, a portable canopy, and others.

Pros of Pergolas

Pergolas can be an excellent feature to add to your deck or patio. The pros can make them worth having:

  • The wood they’re made of is often durable.
  • They can be budget-friendly and appealing.
  • They’re easy to create as a DIY project.
  • They can provide a nice atmosphere for dining and entertaining.

Cons of Pergolas

While pergolas can be a great addition to almost any home, there are disadvantages. Some cons are:

  • Not everyone likes them.
  • Termites can infest them.
  • If it’s a cedar structure, its color can fade over time.
  • They require maintenance.

What About a Roof?

Although pergolas can be charming, roofs can be more practical. One problem with a roof can be that the shade is permanent while you can customize a pergola to fit your needs. Plus, you can add a roof to a pergola if you’d like. And after you’ve finished adding shade and more to a pergola, you’ll have spent about the same as you would on a roof.

How to Decide Between a Roof and a Pergola

One reason to get a pergola could be because it fits your personal style. But it will require upkeep. On the other hand, a roof is easier to maintain, simplistic, and practical. Informing yourself can help you decide.

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