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Outdoor Restaurant Design Guide

When you’re looking to update your restaurant by adding an outdoor element, design can be a considerable sticking point. It’s fairly complex, and as something that not only represents a serious investment, but one you want to last a long time as well, you need to make the right calls!

If you’re struggling or stressing out about your new Maryland outdoor restaurant design don’t worry, because Diamond Decks is here to give you a hand. Follow along while we cover the simple basics of satisfying your design needs.

Balancing Your Floor Plan

How you lay your restaurant out is largely based on what kind of available square footage you have and what type of business you’re building (such as needing space for a bar, for example). However, the three biggest things to keep in mind are these:

  • Avoid placing seating in awkward places. No one wants to sit right next to your noisy kitchen, or the receiving area. These places are noisy and disruptive, meaning they can turn a potential loyal customer into a bad review in a hurry. If you’re squeezing for more seating there are better places (we’ll get into that shortly).
  • Attempt to place restrooms near your kitchen. Be aware of propriety and sanitation, of course, but placing your restrooms near the kitchen offers tons of savings on plumbing by simplifying the job considerably.
  • Pay attention to how traffic will flow. Dodging other diners and wait staff while trying to get to your table is frustrating and uncomfortable, so attempt to lay seating out in a way that avoids this.

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Choosing Lighting

The proper balance of color and light is both very important and dependent on the business you’re building. When it comes to choosing lighting the simple guidelines are brighter for livelier revolving door high-volume style food joints, and softer lighting if you’re trying to create ambiance.

But regardless of what kind of business you’re building never fall into the trap of creating low-visibility or shadowy areas. These tend to make people lethargic and unengaged, which can impact clients and employees alike, and can also present tripping hazards.

Tackling Seating

Seating will be hands-down the largest consideration you need to keep in your design. The goal is ample seating—which means more tables, more customers, and more business—without making the place feel crowded and cramped. Remember to avoid seating near the kitchen or entry, though, as those are not going to engender a positive eating experience for anyone.

If you’re struggling for additional seating and don’t know what to do, however, don’t despair just yet! There are solutions, and the team at Diamond Decks is extremely well-versed in this area. Outdoor seating presents a huge opportunity for a business. Many businesses can safely add 20-30 seats, and that’s on the lower end! This can be easily accomplished by adding a simple patio, which can be both beautiful and can tie into your overall design. A full decked area can also offer great results!

For more ideas and top picks for outdoor seating for restaurants, check out or more extensive guide on the subject!

Expert Outdoor Design for Restaurants in Maryland

If you’re looking to expand your seating in a beautiful and engaging way, the team at Diamond Decks is the one you want on your side. We offer a wide range of patio and deck options, as well as louvered roofs, railing, sunrooms, and even complete outdoor kitchens!

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