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Your deck must be maintained to keep it looking new and prevent deterioration, but how do you keep your deck looking great? One way to keep your deck looking great and staying safe for you, your family and visitors to your home is deck resurfacing. Diamond Decks, has premier deck builders in Elkridge that can resurface your deck and give it new life.

What is Deck Resurfacing

Unlike refinishing, deck resurfacing means you are replacing the surface of your deck. It is much more involved in refinishing.

Steps to Resurfacing

The professional deck builders in Elkridge at Diamond Decks, do the following steps when resurfacing your deck:

  1. The first step is inspecting your deck to make sure it is structurally sound. This involves an inspection of the foundation and framing to make sure there isn’t any rot or damage making the deck unsafe. Some things the deck builder will look for include:
    • Do the floorboards give or seem spongy when you walk on them? This could be a sign of rot or decay.
    • Has the wood splintered or cracked?
    • Warped or swollen boards make an uneven surface that can lead to falls.
    • Fasteners are sticking up out of the boards or loose.
    • Insect damage from termites or other pests can compromise the wood.
    • Is the frame and foundation in good condition or does it also need to be replaced?
  2. The next step is replacing the surface materials on the deck. The following items are removed and replaced with new (and usually better quality) parts:
    • Old floorboards are removed and disposed of.
    • Old railings are taken down.
    • New materials are installed to replace the old floorboards and railing.
  3. When resurfacing your deck, you have the option to use the same types of materials as before, or you can change your deck materials to something more durable and easier to maintain such as composite.
  4. The overall cost of resurfacing your deck will vary depending on the materials and amount of work needed. Diamond Deck’s deck builders in Elkridge can give you an estimate.

Deck Builders in Elkridge

If your deck needs resurfacing, and you are looking for deck builders in Elkridge, call Diamond Decks today and get your deck back to its original glory.

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