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Your patio isn’t only practical in the summer. You can make it an all-year space by creating a cozy, welcoming area, even when the temperatures drop below 35 and snow is on the ground. Let’s discuss how and what a deck builder in Columbia MD can do to assist.

Ways to Make Your Patio Winter Friendly

Adding a firepit creates not only a cozy ambiance but also gives you warmth and lets you roast marshmallows. It makes for the ideal centerpiece to bring everyone together.

Have a deck builder in Columbia MD install a fireplace, giving you warmth and the cozy feeling holiday cards are made of. Plus, a fireplace adds to your home’s architecture and aesthetic appeal.

When choosing furniture, opt for waterproof pieces that’ll hold up to the snow. Perhaps, choose a couch where the whole family can gather or individual seating if you plan to entertain outside your family. Add some throw pillows to set the mood.

Screen in your patio to protect you from the elements while giving you a front-row seat for the snowfall.

Why Create a Custom Patio for All-Year Use

By designing your patio with winter use in mind, you can enjoy the outdoors all year. That means you can get fresh air even when the temperatures drop.

You also get more for your money when you have a space you can use in summer, spring, fall, and winter. Not to mention, a custom patio designed for winter use is appealing to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell.

And imagine the memories you’ll make with family and friends with a year-round outdoor space.

How Our Deck Builder in Columbia MD Can Help

At Diamond Decks, we help homeowners create outdoor spaces they love. If you want a patio you can use throughout winter, we can add features to enhance the mood and keep you warm.

If you want to use your patio no matter the weather, we can screen in the porch, install a retractable awning, and more. Working with us gives you the ability to choose what you want and create the functional space you imagined. Ready to make your patio a cozy space? Contact Diamond Decks at 877-211-0898.

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