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Patio pergolas are structures that form a shaded walkway or outdoor space, usually by using a wood lattice roof supported by cross-beams. They’ve been popular ever since classical Roman times, and adding one to your yard gives it a sense of timeless elegance.  A professional deck builder in Laurel Maryland can help you put in the perfect pergola for your space!

Types of Patio Pergolas

While most pergolas are made of wood, they can also be either free-standing or anchored to your home. You can use a pergola to add style to a walkway, or as a cover for outdoor seating. If you enjoy gardening, pergolas can also be used as an anchor for attractive plant vines, such as ivy, wisteria, or grapevines.

Patio pergolas also come in a variety of shapes and can be customized to suit the style and size of your yard. While a square or rectangular pergola is the most common, they can also come in spaced-out arches or flower tunnels. Many pergolas are used as a transition area between indoors and outdoors, while free-standing pergolas can be used for relaxing or entertaining. Another type of pergola connects your home to a garage or shed, providing protection from the elements when moving from one building to another.

Other Benefits

While a traditional pergola has no walls, a few elegant designs could add one, two, or even three walls, These walls not only make your pergola unique, but can cover up unsightly views, mute ambient noises, and give your family a little extra privacy. By adding in some chairs, a table, or other patio furniture you can add to the usable space in your yard.

The latticed roof allows you to enjoy warm, sunny days without being exposed directly to the sun. Some pergola designs include retractable shades, allowing for even greater protection from the elements. Lastly, by increasing the amount of livable space on your property, having this feature increases your home’s overall market value.

Deck Builder in Laurel Maryland

If you’re now considering adding a pergola to your yard, deck, or patio schedule a consultation with Diamond Decks. These experienced deck builders in Laurel Maryland can assist you with devising a pergola that works with your property and aesthetic. Installation is quick, professional, and hassle-free, and comes with a guarantee of quality.

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