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Imagine all of the great times you could have this fall out on a patio. Parties, family get-togethers, quiet evenings outside… But, to get there, you’ll need to decide on the building material for the patio (among other things). Contact a patio builder in Bowie MD to learn about some of the options.

Advice from a Patio Builder in Bowie MD

When building a new patio, you’ve got many choices, from concrete to tile to pavers. Pavers should get strong consideration, as they offer several options for materials and colors, they’re easy to customize, and they will make your patio look good.

Who will use the patio? You will need smooth pavers if your patio will be used a lot for dining. You will want flat, even surfaces. The same applies if there is someone in your home who has trouble walking or is in a wheelchair. Pavers that are rough or contain pebbles will be a little more difficult to navigate. The same is true for ultra-smooth surfaces, such as polished concrete or tile. These surfaces can become slippery if they have any kind of moisture. These are just some of the many considerations when having a new patio installed.

Concrete vs. Stone Pavers

Your patio will look good with either choice!  Concrete pavers come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be made with different textures and finishes, such as aggregate and rock salt. They provide much better drainage than other patio materials, as water seeps out between the pavers. Another consideration is that concrete pavers are easily replaced if one is chipped or cracked.

Stone pavers are also available in a variety of colors and textures. The most popular stone paver is bluestone, which is another name for sedimentary rocks, such as limestone or sandstone. Other popular stone pavers are cobblestones, flagstone, slate, and veneer stones. Like concrete pavers, the spaces between the stones provide excellent drainage.

One plus for either concrete or stone pavers is the ease of maintenance; all you need is a broom. If your paver patio becomes stained, a pressure washer can take care of the problem.

Finding a Patio Builder in Bowie MD

Talk with a professional to learn about all of your texture and color options for a paver patio. Click here to learn more about Diamond Decks, who can tackle any new patio build to your specifications.

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