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If you’ve never had a screened-in porch or screen room on your property before, then you may not realize the improvements their installation can bring. You can be partially outside and not suffer from direct sunlight or pesky insects while feeling the breeze from behind the safety of the screen. Professional deck and porch contractors will not only give you a space that is built to last, but one that can be consulted for design concepts of how to make the space your own. Ready to add a comfortable extension to your home? Diamond Decks, the deck professionals in Pasadena MD, are ready to create it with you.

Take These Factors Into Consideration Before Starting Your Screened-in Porch Project

Since screened-in porches and screen rooms are an extension of your home, you’ll want to create an ambiance that suits you and makes the most out of the space.

Size, orientation, materials, furnishings, and more should be taken into consideration after you have contacted your contractor. Make sure there is enough natural light and ventilation, and a large enough space that you won’t outgrow it.

You can choose between pressure-treated wood or PVC, each of which comes with its own benefits, so make sure to ask about these options. Your room can also be completely customized to suit your wants and needs for this space, whether it’s related to style, function, or both. Consider a chimney mantel, outdoor lamp, art pieces, plants, a loveseat, shutters, TV, throw pillows for a touch of color, coasters for the table, and rugs to make it your own!

Diamond Decks: Deck Professionals in Pasadena MD

At Diamond Decks, we’ve been in the screen room-building business since 1992, and our installers have enough custom design work under their belts to create any kind of screen room design you can dream up.

We can build your porch or room with a PVC frame, which is durable and requires little maintenance, or you can choose our more cost-effective, pressure-treated wood option.

Our installers have the skills needed to completely customize your new porch or room to match your house and meet your needs. Fill out this form to get started on your new project!

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