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There are plenty of ways you can go about expanding your living space if you want extra space for your family, but one option that is all the rage today is a screened in or enclosed deck. A pro porch and deck builder in Ellicott City can help you with the design and options. Here are a few things to consider about this possibility for your home.

Enjoy The Deck All Year Long

Most decks are something you enjoy during the spring and summer months, but outside of that, the space may be wasted. When you put in an enclosed deck, you can add a fireplace and enjoy the space even in the winter. There’s nothing more beautiful than sitting safe, dry, and warm on your deck, watching the snow fall around you outside.

Protection From Pests/Elements

Screened in decks give you further protection any time of the year from both pests and the elements. If you like to relax and eat on your deck, it can be a real pain and not nearly as much fun when the flies won’t leave you alone. Likewise, when it clouds over and start to rain, that can be an issue as well. This type of enclosed space protects you from all of that and the items you place on the deck won’t fade from as much sunlight, either.

Raising The Value

Indoor/outdoor living spaces are hugely popular right now, and any home that has a nice space of that type will be worth more than a similar home without. If you are looking for something you would enjoy for your home, but also something that would be an investment that would return to you in the future when you sell, an enclosed deck might be the right project.

Deck Builder in Ellicott City Can Help

When you decide to move forward with an enclosed deck, or just want to look into the options, the deck builder in Ellicott City at Diamond Decks can help you get into the details. We can aid you in designing your perfect addition and can carry that design out all the way through to the end, leaving you with the perfect enclosed deck within your budget.

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