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You love sitting out on your back porch, but there are times when it’s not all that much fun. When it rains, when the bugs are biting, and so on. There is a solution, you can put in a screened-in porch. Screening-in your porch will give you near year-round enjoyment. Here is some information about screened-in porches from deck professionals in Odenton.

Locating Your Porch

You need to take into consideration where you’re going to put your porch. If you live in a warmer area, having a southern exposure will make the porch warmer than you might like. If you live in a cooler area, a northern exposure will result in it becoming too cold to enjoy.

Another factor is the view from your porch. You definitely don’t want to have a great view of the street or highway. Another thing to consider is how close your neighbors are.

You also need to take into account where the breeze usually comes from. This is important because you don’t want barbecue smoke blowing into your porch.

The ideal situation is to connect your porch to your kitchen which will make outdoor dining easy. If it blocks the only natural light to your kitchen, then connect it to your mudroom or possibly your laundry room.

Designing Your Porch

Once you decide on a location, you need to make decisions on the design. You need to determine how large it will be, and do you just want a sitting area or room for dining. A long, rectangular porch can give you both areas. You also need to decide on finishes, what type of roof, and so on.

A peaked roof will allow you to install tall screens and windows, helps with air circulation, and will allow you to install ceiling fans, which definitely help to keep things comfortable. For those chilly early spring or fall evenings, a fireplace, gas, or wood, would be a nice option.

Having windows that can be put in and removed will allow you to use your porch more often, even in the colder parts of the year.

Other Considerations

Other considerations include decor and materials. While deciding on your decor is definitely a DIY thing, when it comes to materials, you need to speak to deck builders in Odenton.

Looking for Deck Professionals in Odenton, Maryland?

If you are, contact the folks at Diamond Decks. Their skilled and friendly staff will help you with all phases of designing and building your screened-in porch. Contact us today.

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