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Outdoor living space has become more valuable than ever, partially because people are home more and partially because a lot of folks like to be outside as much as possible, particularly during the warmer months. If you are looking to expand your own outdoor living space, contact professional deck builders in Bowie Maryland. Together, you can discuss the pros and cons of a patio pergola or screened-in porch. Both provide expanded outdoor space and shade. The question you’ll have to answer, with input from your deck builder, is which one will deliver the outdoor experience you want.

Considerations for a Pergola vs. Porch

Screened porches are popular, and usually necessary, in places with large insect populations, such as southern states like Florida. Screened porches were made for hot weather with a lot of bugs. Thin mesh screen will keep out most insects and you’ll be able to enjoy spring and summer evenings and nights outdoors…without being outdoors.

The farther north you travel, you’ll find more pergolas. A covered pergola will keep you in the shade during the day and, coupled with a fire pit, keep you both warm and insect-free at night in areas where the sun and bugs aren’t as pervasive as in some other areas.

Sit outside in the evening and at night before you make a decision about a screened porch or a pergola. A few nights will give you a better indication of which structure is better for you.

Talk with the Pros about…Roofing?

The biggest difference between a pergola and a screened porch is the roof, or overhead cover.

A pergola roof generally consists of beams, which can be decorative or basic. Fabric or waterproof material can be placed over the beams to avoid the rain.

The roof on a screened porch is going to be just like the roof on your home, framed with shingles, probably matching the roof of your home. One situation may work better or worse for your home, depending on your wants and needs.

Consult Deck Builders in Bowie Maryland

Either structure will provide access to the outdoors, fresh air, and sunlight. The other subject to discuss with your deck builders in Bowie Maryland is cost. Pergolas are relatively simple to build, and costs are easy to control. A screened porch can be simple to create, as well, so long as you already have the porch. It not, the costs are higher. There are a lot of considerations to review!

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