Increasing the amount of usable space in a home always equates to adding more value. If you are searching for the perfect way to expand your home and not spend your entire savings doing so, a screened porch is a great idea!

1.    Add Space

If you think about it, adding a screened porch to your home is equivalent to adding an entire room. Screen porches have:

  • Foundations
  • Footings
  • Walls
  • Electrical
  • A floor
  • A ceiling
  • A roof

You will add several feet of living space to your home all while taking in the fresh air of the outdoors.

2.    Protection

Most people enjoy spending time outside; however, time can be limited due to a number of factors. A screened porch has a roof and screened windows to protect you from a number of outdoor elements.


Summer can get pretty hot in Maryland. Screened porches offer shade and protection from harmful UV rays. It can also be up to 20 degrees cooler in the shade of a screened porch. The screened windows allow for a breeze to move freely into your enclosed area. If your porch is located in an area that does not receive a cross breeze, you can install a ceiling fan.


The screened windows are great for keeping out insects, especially mosquitoes. If you live in the Maryland area, you know how bad the mosquitoes can get in the summertime. A screened porch protects you from all of the negative aspects of outdoor living while still enjoying all of the positives.


Have you ever had an outdoor party cancelled or rained out? If you had a screened porch, you wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore! A screened porch protects you from passing rain showers and gives you a great place to watch summer thunderstorms.

3.    Add Value to Your Home

A screened porch should add more value to your home than the price of the materials used to build it. Also, if you ever decide to sell your house, adding a screen porch can help with the resale value as well as appeal to potential buyers. Above all, it will add a great deal of value to your family’s lifestyle by providing a safe and comfortable shelter to relax in.

4.    Great for the Entire Family

Too many kids these days are wasting their day inside. Screened porches are great spaces for them to play or read, even when it’s raining. Pets love screened porches too! Keeping them cool during the day and dry during storms, screened porches are a great place for pets to hang out—you may even consider installing a doggy door.

5.    Privacy and Comfort

Screened porches offer more privacy and intimacy than other outdoor settings like decks and patios. The screened windows can partially block the view of neighbors, and the enclosed walls and ceilings offer more of an intimate setting than a large deck. The comfort you receive from a screened porch is almost endless. Outdoor furniture can often be uncomfortable, but you don’t have to worry about ruining nice furniture when you have a roof overhead to protect it. The screens will keep out bugs, so you can even sleep on your screened porch.

Screened Porch Builders in Maryland

Fall and winter are the best times to start your screen porch project, so now is the time to call professionals! Diamond Decks can design and build a beautiful screened porch to meet your every need!

Contact one of our professionals today for a free consultation

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