Sunrooms have become very popular here in Maryland in recent years and offer many advantages. A sunroom can provide more living space in your home and create a unique, versatile and charming space for entertaining. Sunrooms help you enjoy outdoors with indoor comfort and help you enjoy the view around your home.

If you’re considering re-purposing some of your home’s outdoor space, or enclosing a porch, deck or balcony, these frequently asked questions can help you make a wise decision.

Are sunrooms energy efficient?

There are many ways to construct sunrooms and, yes, they can be incredibly energy efficient. You simply need to make energy efficiency one of your priorities when planning your new sunroom with your builder. A top MD sun room designer and building contractor can add insulation to the sunroom “walls” or use insulated glass in the design. Other ways to ensure energy efficiency might be to ensure there is a properly insulated wall and/or doors between your sunroom and the rest of your indoor living area.

Key decisions you need to make (with advice from your experienced local sunroom building contractor) include:

  • Should my sunroom be enclosed with screens or glass?
  • What side of the home makes the best sense for a sunroom at my house?
  • How should the sunroom be separated from the rest of the home? (If it is separated at all.)

Are sunrooms good investments?

Yes, properly planned and constructed sunrooms can add value to your MD home, because they provide more living space and create versatile entertaining space. If your lawn or back yard are tiny, however, you may disappoint future buyers with a sunroom that takes up most of the yard. The individual plan you make for your sunroom determines how it will affect your home value.

Some details which affect value are: how much of the year can the room be used? Does the sunroom design fit in with the rest of the home and improve the home’s appearance? Provided the answer to these questions is often and yes, then your new sunroom should add value to your home.

Is adding a sunroom to my home expensive?

Adding a sunroom to your home does not have to be a huge investment. If you already have a sizable porch or balcony, for example, that could be the perfect spot for a sunroom. You’ll save lots of money by not having to create the basic structure. Instead, you will simply have to enclose the porch or deck. The enclosure, of course, must meet with any local building codes and homeowner association rules, so these may have an effect on whether you can add a sunroom, what type, and how large it can be.

Are sunrooms cold in the winter?

If your sunroom is not insulated, then it will be close the the outdoor temperature around your home. If you want to use your sunroom in winter, make sure its walls are insulated and/or it is enclosed with insulated glass.

What’s the secret to a perfect home sunroom in MD?

Bottom line, adding a sunroom to your house offers many advantages. If these advantages seem attractive to you, choose an expert local sunroom builder to create a sunroom to your exact specifications.

Share your goals for your sunroom with your contractor. He or she will help you select the best features for your sunroom and explain any trade offs, such as extra cost vs. extra function.

Get Specific Sunroom Design Advice and an Estimate Today!

At Diamond Decks, our experienced, licensed contractors and sunroom designers can ensure you get all that you want from your new sunroom. We are deck and outdoor room design specialists. We’ll help you plan the placement, size and design of your new sunroom.

Let’s discuss your needs and make a plan for your new sunroom today! Contact Diamond Decks online or call us at (443) 688-6072 now. 

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