We recently went fairly in-depth about how to plan for and accommodate a new outdoor kitchen—what to expect, factors to keep in mind, and how to ensure the project gets done right. But before you can even begin to lay any groundwork you need an idea: an image of what the perfect outdoor kitchen is to you.

Coming up short on cool ideas or looking for a design option that speaks to you? Diamond Decks is happy to help!

Entertainment-Focused Outdoor Kitchens

Any kitchen will always require a measure of functionality. That said, some outdoor kitchens are crafted to be more communal or more focused on having room for friends and family to relax or help out. Here are some of our entertainment-focused outdoor kitchen ideas:

  • Focus on a fireplace. Or fire pit. The idea here is to present a space that is open and comfortable, and one that can give guests a place to relax while the food is being prepared. Comfortable seating around a communal fire pit is a great way to provide charm, warmth, and a solid place to gather.
  • Wet bars. An outdoor wet bar, complete with bar stools and a high granite countertop, is an excellent way to make an entertainment-focused space. Not only will it add extra functionality, but an outdoor bar can also be constructed to feel comfy and relaxed, or luxurious and high-class.

Functionality-First Outdoor Kitchens

While a good part of the fun of dining alfresco is the opportunity to share the experience with guests, sometimes you prefer to keep the work and the fun separate—this is especially true if you or your guests have young ones that might get harmed in a kitchen space. If you want more function and to have the fun elsewhere, here are some options:

  • Outdoor kitchen up top, guests down below. With the help of a skilled contractor, you may be able to set up an outdoor kitchen on your custom deck. Put the hardware on top of the deck, and down below create a gorgeous patio and entertainment space. This presents a twofold opportunity of one, separating your guests from the cooking, and two, providing you with a great option of what to do with the space under your deck.
  • Install an all-weather outdoor kitchen. Many homeowners choose to have a louvered roof patio to protect from the weather as needed. This can be great for your outdoor kitchen, too, as it stops any chances that your plans might get canceled by an errant spring or summer shower.

Unique Outdoor Kitchen Options

Outdoor kitchens and other outdoor amenities are a wonderful opportunity to get a space that is personalized to your wants, needs, and preferences. And sometimes your preferences just aren’t conventional. Looking for something more unique? Check these out:

  • Outdoor kitchens on the roof. If you own a flat roof or pitchless roof, you may be one of those homeowners that just hate the look. Do something interesting with the space and check out the option of installing a fully functional kitchen up top!
  • Make it modern. Most associate the outdoors with stone, rich woods, and lively greenery. However, your kitchen doesn’t have to fit the stereotype. A full industrial-style kitchen can create a space that is highly functional, unique, and resistant to rain and wind.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Maryland

Ready to make your outdoor kitchen dreams come true? Call on Diamond Decks for a consultation! Our skilled and certified contractors can be reached by calling (443) 688-6072 or you can schedule a consultation online!

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