Having a deck off of your Maryland home is a luxury that most people want when it comes to their houses.  One thing, however, that a lot of people run into is that these decks can become too hot during those summer months when the sun is beating down on them.  If you want a deck or have a deck that is in need of shade, here are a few things to think about in terms of your deck and providing shade—and none of them include big, bulky umbrellas!

Arbors for Shade

Arbors are a really great way to not only add shade to your deck but define space as well.  On an arbor, you have the option to hang plants or grow vines like wisteria.  Not only does this add design and beauty, but it’s a superb way to add extra shade to your deck.  A lot of the arbors out there are attached to a home, but they can also be freestanding as well, which is nice for a homeowner because it’s versatile.

Arbors can be placed on the deck featuring an octagonal inlay, or they can be placed off to the side or the corner of the deck. One of the great things about arbors is that they can be as plain or as ornate as you want; most are built with wood, using PVC trim, and then are painted or stained.  If you don’t like PVC and you want the entire thing to be made of wood, consider a strong wood like cedar or redwood for extra stability and a beautifying touch. Our deck designers at Diamond Decks can help you design a deck and arbor that fit all of your needs.

Build Around a Tree

If you love nature and you want to bring more of it into your deck area, another thing to think about is built-in trees. We can design your deck around an already planted tree, or specifically plant a tree in an area of your deck. The deck is usually raised up so the roots won’t push the deck up over time. These trees tend to be of the smaller variety so that they only grow X amount of feet high and wide.  The tree(s) can be placed in the middle of the deck or even a certain corner to provide shade for chairs placed in the vicinity.

All of these are really great options for shading your deck. For other ideas contact the experts at Diamond Decks at (443) 688-6072!


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