There’s no doubt that a new deck can provide you with tons of usable space that is great for entertaining, relaxing, or even just for decorating. But once you’ve had a custom deck installed, you might feel like there’s a space that could use some help: under your deck.

Looking for ideas on how to fill that space in a meaningful and functional way? The experts at Diamond Decks have seen it all, and we’re here today to offer up some of our favorite uses of space under a deck!

Aesthetic Under-Deck Ideas

In many cases, all a homeowner wants is to fill the space—you’re not really interested in creating anything new, just in hiding the bald area under your gorgeous new deck! In these cases, there are many simple aesthetic fixes, including these:

  • Deck skirting. Deck skirting is an ideal solution for a low to the ground deck. This typically involves installing matching boarding and fascia to the underside of the deck, effectively “boxing off” the underside of your deck.
  • Lattice and dynamic lighting. For decks too high for skirting, lattice or other ornamental patterned screens do the job just as well. As an added bonus for a dynamic look, consider adding lighting to the lattice for extra visibility and a great look. Latticing also serves the function of keeping critters out from under your deck, avoiding a common problem in our area.
  • Using landscaping. If skirting isn’t quite what you’re looking for, another great solution can be found in the creative use of greenery. Plenty of shrubs are excellent for this purpose, creating a gorgeous and lively look that blocks off an unsightly under-deck area.

Under-Deck Ideas for Functionality

Under-deck areas can most certainly be both beautiful and functional. All it takes is the right idea:

  • Under-deck patios. A patio installed under your deck is a transformative solution that can add even more usable space to entertain guests or spend some time relaxing. Plus, with the deck overhead you’re offered an excellent shield from the weather, making your patio an area that is enjoyable in all seasons.
  • Entertainment areas. Children play areas with sandboxes and toys are a great way to keep the young ones entertained while parents get to relax nearby above. Or, opt for a more group-centric or adult option with an under-deck putting green, viewing room, garden, or relaxation area.
  • Under-deck storage. No home can ever have too much storage. In fact, many Maryland homes lack it! Creating an under-deck storage area is a great solution and one that goes very well with deck skirting for a double fix that offers excellent usable space.

Contact Diamond Decks for Professional Decking in Maryland

Looking for a team that can craft the custom deck you’ve always dreamed of? Diamond Decks is a locally owned and operated decking company that offers top-class options, materials, and services! Whether you’re looking for Trex composite decking, wood decks, or custom home exterior services, our team is happy to help.

Connect with Diamond Decks online or give us a call at (443) 688-6072 to speak with a decking contractor in Maryland! Interested in more ideas for your home’s exterior? Keep an eye on our frequently updated blog!

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