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Thinking about a new deck or patio installation this spring? You may want to consider having a louvered roof added on for their many benefits! If you’re not familiar with what louvers are, you won’t know what a louvered roof is. Hear from the most experienced of the deck contractors in Maryland why you should have an Equinox Louvered Roof installed for your home.

Louvers are…

…horizontal slats angled to allow light and air in, but which keep rain and direct light out and minimize noise. Louvers served as window blinds or shutters over windows, originating in medieval Europe and Britain as a way to ventilate a kitchen while keeping out rain and snow.

Made of aluminum or other metal, wood, or glass modern louvers are still commonly seen in shutters or blinds for windows. You find adjustable or fixed louvers, and many louvered roofs are of the latter variety. But, for those who want a fully-motorized system that both looks great and functions well, there’s only one option…

The Best Louvered Roof System in the Business

For anyone who wants to cover their patio or deck, louvered roofs work great for both ventilation and protection from the rain. When they’re closed, they form channels that funnel rainwater, creating a drainage system that protects your patio. Make sure the channels are large enough to effectively channel the water off the roof and away from your patio or deck.

At Diamond Decks, we work with the best louvered roof system in the business: Equinox. No matter the weather, their thoughtfully-designed roof can transform an outdoor space into a place to enjoy all year round. Functionally, they couldn’t be easier: the touch of a button opens or shuts them completely, providing sun or shade to your comfort level. Naturally, they’re of the most durable build; extruded aluminum will make for a louvered roof that lasts far longer than other materials, such as plastic or fabric.

Deck Contractors in Maryland can Install a Louvered Roof

If you are planning on enhancing your home by installing a deck or patio, and want to take advantage of the many benefits of including an Equinox louvered roof system in the build, then contact Diamond Decks, the best of the deck contractors in Maryland, today at 877-211-0898.

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