Well-designed and installed decking offers an excellent way to enhance your outdoor living experience at your Maryland home. However, a deck is supposed to offer enjoyment and fun. You don’t want to struggle with keeping your deck clean or to agonize over decking repair year after year. Luckily, there are some wonderful solutions to this. What you’re looking for is a low-maintenance deck! Read on to find out more about your options. 

Composite Decking Offers an Excellent Low-Maintenance Deck 

If you’re looking for an attractive substitute for a traditional wood or teak deck, composite decks require less maintenance by a mile. Composite materials are made by mixing cellulose—wood fibers—and recycled plastics. Together, these materials create a stronger product. Composite planks don’t have to deal with rot or fading and are highly resistant to rain, wind, and snow.

Here are some of the major advantages offered by composite decking:

  • Composite decks look great for years – You’ll never need to sand or stain your composite deck the way you would need to with traditional wood. Needing to replace boards is also quite rare—many homeowners never need to at all. When you buy a composite deck, you can expect decades of good service life, with none of the stresses common to other decking materials. 
  • Cleaning composite decking is very simple – In addition to not needing a new sealant, composite decks are also quite easy to keep clean. Mild soap and water, and perhaps a hose-down from time to time, is all that is required to keep your deck looking fresh and stain-free. 
  • Composite decks are safe and family-friendly – The combined materials of a composite deck will not splinter, nor will they warp out of shape. This means no splinters in your feet and no stubbed toes due to a board out of place!
  • Composite decks offer simple installation – The installation of a composite deck is far less labor-intensive than that of a wood one, saving you substantially more on labor costs in addition to the material already being comparably cost-efficient when compared to traditional wood decking. 

In short, if you’re looking for a deck that lasts decades, is resistant to Maryland weather and rain, and requires only minimum effort for maximum aesthetic gains, you’re looking for composite decking. Manufacturers like Trex have made composite decking affordable on top of the other advantages, making composite decking installation easier than ever. 

Diamond Decks Offers Composite Decking Services in Maryland

If you love outdoor living, you want your landscape features to last long and look beautiful. Thanks to composite decks, you get the look that you love without stress or rigorous upkeep. That means less time maintaining your deck, and more time using it to relax, grill, or enjoy company with friends and family.

If you’re interested in composite decking and other low-maintenance custom decking options in Anne Arundel County, connect with Diamond Decks! Our decking and outdoor services contractors are experienced, well trained, and dedicated to providing you with a superior decking design and install.

Contact Diamond Decks online to schedule a consultation, or call (443) 688-6072 to speak with a decking design expert today! 

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