Under Decking Drainage System Installation in Maryland

You probably know that adding a deck is a great way to beautify and add livable space to your home. It is also an excellent investment, with an average 81% return on the cost of the project. What many homeowners do not know is that an under decking drainage system will increase the usable space your deck provides, adding even more value to your home.

What Is an Under Deck Drain System and How Does it Work?

Under decking drainage catches rainwater and snowmelt that seeps down between deck boards. The water is diverted away from the space underneath, leaving it dry.

The installation consists of mounting deck drainage panels to the bottom of the joists that support the decking above. The panels catch the runoff and are sloped so that the water flows away from the space below. Typically, they are made of lightweight, durable, and non-rusting materials like aluminum.

When installed by the professional team at Diamond Decks & Home Improvement, under decking drainage adds functionality and beauty to your existing deck or new deck project.

Benefits of Installing a Deck Drainage System

Increased Living Space

Under decking drainage systems are sometimes known as deck ceilings. There is a simple reason for this. When the drainage system is installed on an overhead, second story deck, the panels become the ceiling for the space below the decking.

Entertaining on a patio or enjoying a garden area below the deck is no longer subject to the elements. Runoff water is diverted away from patio furnishings and your guests.

By increasing the usable living space in your home, the deck drainage system adds value. It also enhances the quality of the space as the drainage panels, or ceilings, come in a variety of colors and finishes to complement your patio décor and landscaping.

Increased Storage Space

If your deck is at the first-floor level and decking is thirty or more inches above the ground, a decking drainage system offers a way to increase storage space. Using the same technique, the drainage panels are installed on the underside of your deck and water is diverted from the space below.

The result is a dry, safe place to store tools, equipment, children’s toys, and anything else you might want to keep out of the elements. The additional storage space also adds value to your home.

Why Trust Diamond Decks?

In any home improvement project, professional design and installation are essential to your satisfaction with the result. Diamond Decks has been providing quality, custom home improvement services in throughout the Greater Baltimore all the way to the Washington, DC area since 1992. Complete customer satisfaction is always the goal at Diamond Decks. Our full warranty on materials and construction far exceed industry standards.

We want it to be right for you. Understanding your needs and expectations and providing exceptional service and installation is the key to our success. At Diamond Decks, your complete satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

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